Danes Coffee Roastery Tour

Coffee roasting tour Brookvale Sydney

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to make award winning coffee?

Find out at our coffee roastery tour and brew session. Plus, get a discount on all bean purchases onsite on the day!*

Join our Master roaster in a roastery walk-through and uncover how we’ve earned our award winning coffee reputation.


Come behind the scenes with us

Monthly tours showcase how we source, roast, cup and make delicious coffee. Get up-close and see how we transform green beans into aromatic, flavour- filled brown beans of life.

Discover why we’re still standing, 30+ years after we initiated the Australian specialty coffee scene. And why we’ve built a reputation as a maverick roaster for flavour seekers.

Join the next roastery tour to experience:

  • Our very own arabica coffee plant
  • How we source green beans from around the globe
  • Coffee processing methods
  • Flavour and roast profiling
  • Cupping and blending
  • Tasting our ridiculously good coffee
  • Tips to make and source better coffee for home

Bookings essential.
1.5 hours | Brookvale | $20

*Discount only available onsite, not online.


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Sydney’s original coffee roaster-trainer for home and pro baristas.
From Australia’s most awarded roaster, Danes Coffee Roasters.