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Home Barista Course

I have an amazing machine but… Why doesn’t my coffee taste like it is from the cafe? My shots always run so quickly and have no crema? My milk is so frothy…

If these questions loom when you turn on your home machine then we have the course for you.

Join us at the Danes Specialty Coffee Institute for our Home Barista Course where our industry leading trainers can answer your questions and have you making, and of course drinking, café quality coffee at home. From puck preparation, weighing coffee and milk texturing to pouring and cleaning your machine, we will provide you with the training and tips needed to get the most out of your coffee experience at home.

You will learn about:

  • Setting the grind size to achieve perfect extraction
  • Texturing your milk to make it silky and smooth
  • Start pouring Latte Art
  • How age and storage affects your coffee
  • How to clean your equipment to ensure consistency

Talk to us about alternative brewing methods such as Aeropress, Delter Coffee Press and V60.

Please note, the course will need a minimum of 3 attendees to run. If 3 attendees have not registered, there will be the option to reschedule for the next available date.

Course Dates

Last Saturday of the month, time varies depending on Roastery tour.

Class duration: 2 hours

Class cost: $99

View the calendar and to make a booking

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