Where are the courses held?

Danes Specialty Coffee Institute Training Facility
First Floor
28 Dale Street
Brookvale  NSW  2100

Is there parking available?

There is no unrestricted parking on Dale Street Brookvale before 6pm.

All day daytime parking is only available on Old Pittwater Road or Brookvale Avenue. 

Are my fees refundable?


Can I change the date of my class?

You can change a booking if more than 7 days notice is given and an alternate class is available. If less than 7 days notice is given there is a $75 fee charged to re-book.

Can I just do the Espresso Workshop?

No. The Essence of Espresso 100 series courses are only available as a full day package.

I am opening a coffee shop and don't know much about coffee. Which course should I do?

If you do the Essence of Espresso and Espresso Workshop you will learn all about the practical side of making espresso. These two courses will run you through everything from machine handling, grinder setting, cleaning and preventative maintenance through to how to produce the espresso menu and the techniques of latte art.

How do I become a DSCI accredited barista?

The Danes Barista accreditation system has been recognised as the first Barista accreditation system in Australia. To acquire the DSCI accreditation (Barista Level I) you will need to sit a question and answer exam as well as completing our practical exam on the espresso machine.

How do I become a DSCI Maestro Barista?

The Maestro Barista accreditation is awarded by DSCI to baristas that have been associated with Danes in recognition of outstanding service to the espresso coffee industry. It is an honorary title.

Where can I stay overnight if I am from out of town?

We recommend the Travelodge Manly-Warringah which is just around the corner from the training centre. You can book on-line at travelodge.com.au

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